Boat Pulse

Monitor your Boat Pulse

Boat-Pulse is advanced marine remote monitoring system designed to deliver information about the most important boat vital signs : temperature, humidity, bilge water, voltage of house and start batteries, wave height, boat movement and geo location.

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Why do I need Boat-Pulse?  

With Boat-Pulse you get peace of mind. Now you can protect your floating investment. You know what is happening with your vessel while you are away, on the vessel, or out for a dinghy ride. In case of an emergency, you can notify the marina staff or go to your vessel to prevent disasters from happening.

Boat-Pulse monitors and reports position, humidity, temperature, bilges, unauthorized entry, shore power, battery voltages and the impact of the elements on your vessel.

All this information is easily accessible at the palm of your hand.

What it costs to own Boat-Pulse?  

Unlimited access, unlimited monitoring, unlimited alarms and notifications.

The Boat-Pulse hardware sells for $399 US. Now for limmited time the sale price is $349 US. Hurry up. Order now!

The initial price of the device includes FREE serice till the end of 2021. From the very day you purchased it, you own the device. The device is capable to connect and reporting via WiFi and no puchase of service is necessery in order for the device to contioue reporting after the end of 2021 if the vessel is located in a marina with WiFi coverage.

In case you need the convinience of cellular service, future years of reporting over cellilar network are invoiced at $10/month when billed annually

How does Boat-Pulse work?  

Every device submits its data to the Boat-Pulse tech centre. Customers can monitor the current values using any web enabled device. All data is displayed on charts for the day and history is kept for up to two months. Map of the boat locations and anchor monitoring is available. Once connected, the system will work in every place with mobile signal or WiFi signal.

Once connected to the system it will work in every place with mobile signal or WiFi. The device installation is exremly easy as most of the sensors are build into the device. Once connected to your DC power the Boat Pulse device start to submit its data readings to Boat-Pulse tech centre. Additional connections could be made to starting battery, bilge pump switches, and other systems of interest. Customers can monitor the current values using any web enabled device. All data is displayed in charts for the day and history for up to two month. Map of boat locations and anchor monitoring is also available.

Feel safe with the new advanced version which has built-in GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile internet, voltmeters, wave size and magnitude of movement, bilge water, temperature, humidity etc.

Boat-Pulse Boat Data Page

Features and Benefits  

Boat-Pulse is packed with advanced features. You will be receiving all the information on your iPhone/Android phone or on your computer. Below, we have listed some of the features and the benefits of the Boat-Pulse remote monitoring system:

  • Boat-Pulse supports vessels with 12 volt, 24 volt, or a combination of both types of electrical systems
  • When you access your private web page, you will get a quick overview of your vessel’s most important information

Interface Overview

  • By clicking on the coloured boxes containing icons of different parameters that are being monitored, you will see a graphical representation of the current and hystorical data reported by your vessel
  • The information for the current day is displayed by deafault, bu there are buttons to access last week, last month or last two months of information that is being storred on the server

Starting Battery Graph

  • A humidity and temperature sensor is included with the system. Reports will contain the temperature and humidity inside the vessel
  • A a GPS sensor is included with the system. Reports will contain the vessel’s position and average speed when moving. Historical data (bread crumbs) are plotted and displayed in the reports
  • For privacy reasons, position reporting can be turned off
  • Low power mode is also available. This is a feature designed by sail boaters for sail boaters! In this mode, the system minimizes the power consumptions to almost zero by going to deep sleep and then waking up on predetermined intervals to submit a new report. While “asleep” the system still monitors the pulse of your vessel and if any of the monitored parameters go out of the predetermined safe range, it will wake up and send a notification
  • Boat-Pulse monitors the voltage of your house and starting battery banks. Notifications can be pre-set and sent if the voltage is outside of safe the safe user selectable range
  • Boat-Pulse monitors the bilge water either detecting your bilge pumps running cycles or through a high water sensor provided with the system
  • Boat-Pulse monitors the presence of shore power with an optional accessory
  • Additional analog inputs (2) for measuring and monitoring other batteries such as generator batteries, thrusters’ batteries etc.
  • Additional digital inputs (2) to monitor up to two doors for unwanted opening.
  • Boat-Pulse measures the movement of the boat. The sea state and the wind strength are extrapolated and reported
  • When you establish a perimeter, Boat-Pulse will send you a notification if the boat ever leaves that perimeter (geo-fencing)
  • An anchor alarm is also available! A notification will be sent to you while you are out with the dinghy or in the neighbourhood pub, if the boat starts dragging its anchor
  • The system is capable of reporting from once every 5 min to once every 24 hr, or at different user configurable reporting intervals.
  • A travel log is generated containing the time and date, position, course over ground, speed and the distance traveled for the day

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With the new advanced module you can benefit from all types of connectivity available around and deliver the measurements to the server, including boat's exact geo position on a internet enable device or on your mobile phone over Bluetooth.


What do I get?  icon

  • Boat-Pulse device preloaded with FREE SERVICE valued at $120 per year ($10/month when billed annually). The service includes worldwide coverage for the same low price.
  • Built in GPS
  • Hight water alarm sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
    Humidity Temperature
  • Built-in voltmeters for up to 4 batteries or analog inputs to measure your house, starting, and other batteries
  • Accelerometer to detect boat movement, estimate sea state and wind strength
  • Digital inputs to monitor your bilge pumps, entrance doors or hatches, presence of shore power, etc.
  • Unlimited reports and unlimited access
  • Built-in WiFi for connecting to your vessel’s or marina WiFi system.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for connecting to your phone when you are on the boat
  • Free Bluetooth configuration app for iPhone and Android